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Jersey Fresh & Frozen Fish Boxes

Top quality local fresh seasonal fish freshly vacuum packed to maintain full flavour

The fish will be delivered chilled or frozen in polystyrene boxes filled with ice and can be placed straight into your fridge or freezer when you get home even if the box has been delivered up to 6 hours before you are home.

It will contain at least 5 generous main portions of fresh fish or 10 generous main portions of frozen fish.

Fish Varieties

Fish you may expect to receive in your box -

Scallops, Skate wing, Dover sole skinned, picked crab meat

Fillets of :-  Turbot, Brill, Monkfish tail, Plaice, Pollack, Pouting, Red Gurnard, Squid, Cuttle fish,  Mackerel, Bass, Rock Salmon.

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