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Jersey Fresh Fish


Click here to enlarge this picture of fillets of skate Click here to enlarge this picture of this fillet of skate

Small eye, blonde and undulate Ray/Skate are more common in Jersey. They have large diamond shaped bodies with a long thin tail and are carnivorous, feeding mostly on smaller fish and crustaceans. Skates are innocuous bottom dwellers, often found lying partly buried. They swim with a graceful undulating movement of their pectoral fins.

Particular attention must be given to preparing the wings correctly. This is due to the naturally occuring ammonia it has in its flesh. Our fish is drained, skinned and cleaned correctly and is one of the few fish that benefits from being frozen. Skate has no bones, just cartilage so there is no need tofillet as the flesh comes off easily with cooking.

 Beautiful pan fried with black butter and capers.

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